Sunday, July 17, 2011

The lazy Saturday.

The modern family seems to life a hectic lifestyle. Both parents work, kids are involved in activities and there is always something for everyone to do around the homestead  (or  the compound as my wife likes to call it) that there is little time left for true "quality family time". Toady was no exception. I had a list of tasks as long as my arm that needed to be done, yet today morphed into one of those days that on the outside appeared a waste, yet in the big picture was quite valuable.

It started out as a typical Saturday of trying to sleep in for a few minutes, but with a 4 year old and a 6 month old, that's not going to happen. A brunch of bacon and eggs led to fixing the digital picture frame, which led to watching all of the pictures on the frame. The whole day continued with "distractions" that led to a Saturday of family time that was enjoyed by all.

At the end of the day maybe only one task got checked off the list while a few more were added, but alas, it was not a total loss, as the time spent laughing, chatting and bonding far out weighed any unfinished tasks.

Never feel guilty about spending that lazy Saturday with the family, your kids won't.

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  1. "Never feel guilty about spending that lazy Saturday with the family."
    Ain't that the truth. It's frustrating for everybody involved when you're so focused on the trees that you get lost in the forest of "things that must be accomplished."

    Good for you that you were able (at least yesterday) to just tune in and chill out with your beautiful family. And thank you for the reminder that we all need that "lazy day" once in a while.